Taskurai Contract The services of Taskurai are offered on the Azure Marketplace under the Microsoft Standard Contract with customized terms. You can consult the most recent terms when purchasing Taskurai on the Azure Marketplace. Amendment Various stipulations Taskurai is a brand of Buildby BV. In the event of any conflict between the Microsoft Standard Contract and the Amendment, provisions of the Amendment will prevail. The nullity or unenforceability of any provision of the agreement does not affect the integrality of the agreement and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions. Limitation of Liability If Taskurai acts as a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Managed Service Provider (MSP), Independent Software Vendor (ISV), ... (not exhaustive) without a signed Taskurai cloud support contract: the Cloud services are provided as standard without any form of SLA or support and according to SLA provisions of the Cloud supplier (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, ...). Support and advice (best-effort) from Taskurai is available during business hours (GMT+2) with no response or solution guarantee and at the standard hourly rate for a Taskurai consultant. Taskurai always reserves the right to terminate any form of Cloud subscription or license in the event of late payment of the outstanding invoices, regardless of the nature of the invoices (Cloud, consultancy, licenses,...). Taskurai is in all cases exempt from all responsibility, claims and compensation as a result of unavailability, loss, direct, indirect or consequential damage, ... (not exhaustive) of the Customer or third parties with regard to the Cloud environments offered. Taskurai can only be held liable for any direct damage (indirect damage, consequential damage and 3rd parties are always excluded), which the Customer could suffer if the damage is reported by the Customer, by registered letter, to the Taskurai within 8 days after discovery of aforementioned damage, however, up to a maximum of the amount of Taskurai services (excluding any underlying Azure Resources and services, whether or not managed by Taskurai) charged in the last billing cycle of maximum one month, which can in no way exceed the amount insured by the Taskurai. The compensation owed by Taskurai can never exceed the amount $5000 USD dollars. Taskurai is at all times excluded from responsibility due to errors, unavailability, outages, delays, ... (not exhaustive) of Azure Services and resources. Applicable law Belgian law applies to any disputes arising from the use of Taskurai. Intellectual property Taskurai and all related products are protected property of Buildby BV with company number 0788.462.025, Belgium. Buildby BV retains the intellectual property rights (know-how, methodologies, tools, templates, documents, source code, etc. (non-exhaustive)) to the Taskurai products at all times. The Customer obtains a license to use this application through a subscription service during the term of this subscription. The Customer can never acquire ownership rights to Taskurai (know-how, methodologies, tools, templates, documents, source code, etc. (non-exhaustive)). The intellectual and technical concepts contained herein are proprietary to and may be covered by Worldwide Patents, patents in process, and are protected by trade secret or copyright law. Dissemination of this information or reproduction of this material is strictly forbidden unless prior written permission is obtained from Buildby. Access to the source code contained herein is hereby forbidden to anyone except Buildby, current Buildby employees, managers or contractors who have executed Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreements explicitly covering such access.