A. Customer Configurations: In order to enhance Customer’s experience, some elements of an Offering are configurable by Customer, including settings for the application, infrastructure, network and privacy configuration. Publisher is not responsible for damages caused by misconfigurations or improper use of an Offering by Customer. B. Automatically Collected Data: Publisher may collect and aggregate data about Customer’s use of an Offering for the purposes of providing support to and improving Offerings. This data may contain data generated by an Offering describing Offering’s performance and Customer utilization, as well as data derived from Customer Data. Collected aggregate data will not include the Customer Data or Personal Data, except for any information contained in Feedback provided by Customer. C. Additional Costs: Customer use of an Offering will incur costs associated with Azure resources deployed within Customer’s Azure tenant. Customer is responsible of all costs associated with resources deployed in Customers Azure tenant related to deployment and use of an Offering, including but not limited to infrastructure, network, computational, and storage. Any representation of expected actual value of these costs is provided only as an estimate and does not imply Customer’s actual cost, or limit Customer’s responsibility for said costs. D. Third Party Content: Offing may include content provided by a third parties, including content that contains references to third party services or capabilities. Publisher is not responsible to the accuracy of third-party information, nor is Publisher responsible for content hosted by third parties. Third party content is provided in an effort to enhance Customer’s experience. Publisher does not provide Customer Data to third parties for marketing purposes.