Governing Documents: Customer hereby agrees that the items included in this order are subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable documents posted on The applicable documents are the “On Premise License Agreement and Related Documents“ for perpetual and subscription software licenses, the “Cloud/SaaS Terms and Related Documents” for Cloud and SaaS Services, the “Support Documents and Success Plans” for Support Services and Success Plans, and the “PTC University Instructor-Led Training Terms and Conditions” for instructor-led training offerings, etc. Customer acknowledges it has read those documents and hereby agrees to be bound by them. If Customer has a signed agreement with PTC covering the items purchased, such signed agreement will supersede the corresponding agreement that is posted on (except that this sentence shall not apply to any items for which there is a product-specific agreement posted there, such as without limitation, Vuforia Engine or PTC MKS Toolkit). Any licensing basis acronyms in the table above are explained in the PTC Licensing Basis Table document posted at, which document also contains licensing basis information and usage restrictions applicable to this order. In the event of a conflict between this Quote and the applicable agreement(s), the terms and conditions of this Quote will prevail. Other than the line items that serve to order the products and services described above, in no event shall any terms of a purchase order or other documents issued by Customer modify or become part of this Quote or become binding on PTC. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the governing agreement(s) and related terms and conditions documents, the term for the items ordered in this Quote is not cancellable. End of Term: At the end of the term (if not renewed), Customer’s right to access and use the items purchased in this Quote shall terminate. Remix: At each anniversary of the commencement date during the term of this order, Customer may, by giving PTC written notice at least 60 days prior to such anniversary date, change its product mix by exchanging products included in this Quote for other products that (a) are currently sold by PTC, and (b) that are from the same Product Grouping, on a dollar-for-dollar basis (based on the then-current list prices of the products being exchanged). Product Groupings mean the following groupings of PTC products: Internet of Things products, Service Lifecycle Management products, PLM/ALM products, Vuforia products and CAD products (but PTC’s Creo products that are, or that have embedded, technology from Ansys are not included and are not eligible for exchange). Thus, for example, Creo CAD products could be exchanged for other Creo products or for Mathcad products, but not for Windchill PLM products. Such exchange rights are subject to the following conditions: (i) no refunds or credits will be issued as a result of any exchange; (ii) the products to be obtained via exchange must be commercially available from PTC as of the date hereof and also still be commercially available from PTC at the time of the proposed exchange,, (iii) for packages and items purchased as part of special offerings, the entirety of the package/special offering items may be exchanged, but not part(s) of such packages/special offerings, (iv) where a package is being remixed, the remix credit must be allocated to its component Product Groupings consistent with how PTC allocates the revenue for that package, (v) no exchange rights will be available for products that were included at no charge as part of any special promotional program or any bundled product item, (vi) exchange is not allowed to or from eLearning products and/or customer success offerings, (vii) exchange rights may not be exercised to exchange subscription licens