The scope of this solution is limited to the configuration and initial deployment of the Ed-Fi technology stack in a K-12 district’s Azure tenant.

The underlying Ed-Fi technology stack deployed in this solution has been designed and offered by Ed-Fi at no charge to the Ed-Fi community on GitHub. IntePort’s solution deploys those Ed-Fi technologies unaltered, directly from Ed-Fi’s open source repositories on GitHub to a pre-configured Azure PaaS architecture in the district's Azure tenant. IntePort offers the Ed-Fi technology stack as is in this solution.

IntePort has designed the solution to comply with Ed-Fi’s published guidance on deploying their technology stack on an Azure PaaS architecture. We intentionally avoided proprietary customizations that would require the district to engage IntePort for ongoing services to maintain the solution beyond initial deployment – and such ongoing support (beyond initial deployment) is not in the scope of this solution.

Post-deployment, the solution is fully maintainable by the district directly through their Azure portal. All Azure PaaS services are fully maintained and supported directly by Microsoft through the district’s Azure subscription. The standard Ed-Fi technologies deployed are directly supported by Ed-Fi and the Ed-Fi community.

Additional extensions and customizations of this solution as well as training on the Ed-Fi Standards, Ed-Fi Technologies, Microsoft Azure and Power BI is not in the scope of this solution. Should further training or solution extensions and customizations be desired, the district may choose to undertake such efforts in-house (leveraging the vast documentation provided by both Ed-Fi and Microsoft) or choose to separately engage IntePort or the EdTech vendor of their choice to perform further training or solution extension and customization.

Configuring Ed-Fi compliant up-stream data feeds from the district’s SIS and Assessment systems to the standard Ed-Fi ODS/APIs deployed by the solution is also not in scope. The district will need to work directly with their Ed-Fi certified SIS or Assessment vendor to ensure their SIS or Assessment system is properly versioned and configured to get initial production data flowing from their system(s) to the standard Ed-Fi ODS/APIs configured by the solution.