Billing policy
Self Service PIM (SSPIM) is made available as a metered offering. A metered offering, more specifically SSPIM, will be charged as follows:
At the beginning of each subscription period the Customer will be charged a fixed fee. This fee grants the Customer use rights for the SSPIM solution, including one (1) Active Directory Domain. However, the Customer will be able to configure additional Active Directory Domains in SSPIM.
At the end of the subscription period, the Customer will be charged for the additional Active Directory Domains used. 'Used' is defined as 'configured for use in SSPIM'.

Cancellation policy
The SSPIM subscription can be cancelled at any time via the Azure Marketplace. Use of SSPIM will be immediately disabled.
After the cancellation, no fixed fees will be charged anymore . However, additional Active Directory domains used during the current subscription month will still be charged.
The fixed fees for the current month shall not be reimbursed either in full or pro rata.