Terms 1. Currency: The quoted prices are in US $. 2. Prices: The prices mentioned are for license subscription, generally on a monthly basis. 3. Discount: A discount of 10% is applied when the subscription is paid in advance for a year. 4. Azure fees: Azure hosting charges extra. Microsoft will send you monthly bills. 5. Payments: Subscription / Azure payments can be paid to Microsoft and service fee to CEM. 6. Implement: CEM will only do the implementation services, where applicable. 7. Service fee: Please contact us (+1 201 391 5345 or info@cembs.com) for service proposal. 8. Delivery: Subscription would be activated in 5 working days. 9. Schedule: Service schedule can be planned mutually. 10. Third party: CEM shall not responsible for any issue due to non-CEM coding / configuration. 11. Min. period: The subscription contract period is 1 year, renewed automatically. 12. Upgrade: CEM shall upgrade software constantly for functionalities and performance, without any prior intimation 13. Bugs: Bugs if any, shall be fixed during subsequent upgrade releases 14. Contact: Please contact us at (US) +1 201 391 5345 or info@cembs.com.